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Welcome to our art gallery

Artist: John Antonia

John was raised on Cape Cod in the 1950's and lived there over 40 years. Literally surrounded by water he developed his fascination with the sea at an early age. As a young man he traveled the world in the US Navy which turned fascination into obsession. These days he lives on the shores of Puget Sound on an idyllic Island and the tidal patterns continue to inspire his work every day.

John has always been an acute observer of his surroundings. Observation paired with a god given talent to reproduce just about anything he sees as realistically (or surrealistically as he deems the piece calls for) has resulted in a very impressive, wildly varied, body of work. 

Whether painting (photo quality paintings are the norm for John), sculpture, customizing or restoring one of his classic cars, or shaping and training Bonsai trees with techniques passed down through generations from Japanese masters, the first thing you notice about his work is a craftsmanship and dedication to quality that is mostly a relic of the past.   

We are thrilled to offer, for the first time ever, extremely high quality reproductions (even by John's standards) of some of his most popular paintings & he has begun to accept commissions for paintings & Bonsai trees. This website showcases a small assortment of his work and will be growing regularly as more pieces are photographed (and made)! please check back from time to time for updates and please e-mail us for pricing and availability.

Artist: Sally Rogers Angove

Sally Rogers Angove is an accomplished and beloved artist who has sold paintings the world over.  Her love and appreciation for art started at a very young age and quickly blossomed into her lifelong passion.  Sally’s thirst for knowledge and self improvement has taken her all around the world, learning, seeing, and gathering the experience seen in her art. She is proficient in many mediums from oils to pastels, though her favorite is watercolor because of the challenge presented in allowing the medium to become itself while molding it into art.  In recent years she has created a myriad of miniature art pieces many accepted into prestigious international art shows and praised for their depth and creativity.  As time has progressed her work has evolved, becoming more profound in expressing life’s experiences, at the same time never losing the child’s perspective of beauty and creativity from which it all started.  Without a doubt her art will continue to bless many a home and heart with their warmth, intimacy and playfulness, long into the future.

In 1996, Sally and several other prominent artists in Montana opened the Upper Missouri Artists Gallery (UMA), to provide a public showcase for their work.  The gallery is located centrally at 7 North Last Chance Gulch on the walking mall in Helena, Montana (See the events page for a map to the gallery). Several times each year the gallery hosts a reception to feature one of the artists introducing their newest work. See the events page for scheduling.
By request Sally can create an original artwork for you or as an exceptional gift for that special someone. Recent projects have included family pet portraits (see "Waiting" in the photo gallery). Numbered and signed prints and note cards of certain artworks are also available for purchase. Call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information and pricing. Currently, Sally is able to accept bank money orders, postal money orders and personal checks (the personal check must clear the bank prior to shipping). Price includes shipping and handling. 



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